VOTM Interview: Yams, Founder/CEO of GrungeCake Crisis Magazine

Yes, people…VOTM is on a quick rise to fame! U MAD? I’m sure. I know this is the DMV’s place to shine, but I figure, why not let an out-of-towner who loves this area and what we do shine too? Straight of the Big Apple, YAMS is the definition of a hustler…she does photography, graphic designing, journalism…hell, she’s the founder and CEO of her own magazine publication, The GrungeCake Crisis Magazine (which I myself, Lyriciss, will be featured in soon…look out for that!). So what does this Yankee do with these titles she holds? What does she think of go-go? And who does she think will revive Hip-Hop? Read the interview and find out…

Voice Of The Metro: Introduce yourself to the world, babes.

Yams: My name is YAMS, so hard to fathom, soon you’ll underSTAND! I’m 22 and from Queens, New York. Born & raised here.

VOTM: Shouts out to NY! I got an ex-girlfriend out there and most of my favorite hip-hop artists are from there and that tri-state area. So for the people that don’t know, let ‘em know what you do.

Y: I’m a Graphic Designer/Publisher of my own publication, The GrungeCake Crisis Magazine. There’s other titles but I dare not go there! lol

VOTM: LOL don’t hold back!

Y: I also am the photographer behind most of the visual material used. I am also the art director, editor, councilwoman (lol). I began as a fine artist and was introduced to Graphic Design in 2003. From there beget my love for everything communication arts had to offer. I also am my own Web Designer.

VOTM: I can dig that. A go-getter indeed. So what do you have in works right now?

Y: Building my own portfolio, working on upcoming issues and bringing my dream to life for the world to enjoy. I am also helping a few friends revamp their brands.

VOTM: Name some people you’ve worked with for the magazine, entertainers and such.

Y: Azizi (Gibson), Mouse, Yago, Sojourn, Skybombers, Miodyssey, Nitty, Lawren, Wilma Nicole, Savage, NandoMcFlyy., Miss Cox…

VOTM: Damn, that’s what’s up! Shouts out to Mouse and Azizi, too…I SEE YOU! SAVAGE! “PASS IT TO ME, NANDO!” (no homo for y’all out there that don’t get the song reference lol). So what are your plans with GCC? What do you want to do with that magazine?

Y: I am already doing what I NEEDED to do with GCC - get the public to get involved because it is for them, it is their outlet of expression on a wider scale. As far as readers, my goal is to go international in a major way, so the people like Shania Ds, Azizis and the Nandos can be seen by people in Finland, but not only online, in their living room, or wherever they keep their magazines when they turn that computer off. Speaking of Finland, we already have people over there waiting for our first issue. Shouts to Emil Bertell. He provided the typeface for our logo. We also have connected with the UK, Italy, Spain, Africa, Riyadh, andddddd…I feel like I’m forgetting somewhere. Hmm, that’s it for now.

VOTM: Nice. That’s crazy. Like…for real. That’s crazy. So now…we get to the DMV section of the questions…and you can enlighten us on some things since you’re in NY lol. Do you like go-go music?

Y: I like the “Doin The Butt” song.

VOTM: LOL old-school go-go…I can dig that.

Y: I don’t get to hear much go-go being that I am in New York, but when I go to Maryland, I do get to hear some of it.

VOTM: I’mma fix that for you though…I’mma have you listening to some good shit, because go-go’s just like hip-hop in the sense that there’s good shit, and there’s wack shit.

Y: Awesome! Fill me in! I love music.

VOTM: I’ll tell you more after the interview…I got you. So what’s your favorite clothing store?

Y: Hmm, I do alot of online shopping. My favorite would have to be KarmaLoop (karmaloop.com)

VOTM: Favorite rapper from the DMV?

Y: Initially, it was Wale! I remember when he used to send out messages about 2-3 years ago on MySpace, promoting himself. I’m glad he is where he is now, musically, but then I heard my boysssssss! And my life has never been the same. You guys bring another element to Hip-Hop. You don’t sound like everyone else, and I think that’s what did it for me. I was used to listening to a specific kind of Hip-Hop and you guys showed me that there still is hope for Hip-Hop, and I say that because you guys are a younger generation. Everyone on top, mainstream in the HipHop/Rap industry are 30+, and it seems as if they dont wanna give the young boys/girls a chance more or less, even looking for them. Thus, my magazine is to make sure you guys are NOT over-looked anymore.

VOTM: And we appreciate that, for real. So any last words for the people and/or shoutouts?

Y: Yes. Pre-order your copy and/or subscribe at thegrungecakecrisismag.com. Thank you very much for the opportunity, Lyriciss, and I hope we are on another social status by the time we meet again. Ciao.



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