“I haven’t met a motherf%%$ who is sick as I…..”

Been a long time, eh? Well I been OD busy working on S.N.E.S. here’s a little something for you guys. I have a video shoot for “Kickflip” Just the 1st verse tho…When it comes out I hope you enjoy it!!!! Here’s some pics. Thanx to Vikki, Duck aka T-Luv and my bro Shawn Jay for [...]

VOTM Mixtapes: Lyriciss - The Hope

1. The Awakening
2. I’m Back
3. They Fakin (Produced by Swaggar)
4. Marky Drop
5. Long Paper Short Gangsta (w./Problem Child & Cadi Mac) (Produced by Swaggar)
6. Welcome To The Middle East (Produced by F Major)
7. Nike Boots
8. DJ Torkaveli Drop
9. A Milli Freestyle (f./Lil Bay Newt)
10. You & Me (Produced by Kingsmen Productions)
11. The Hope
12. Magnum [...]

VOTM Mixtapes: Dugee - Coach Sessions Vol. 2.2

Download here…