VOTM Interviews: Big Fella

Voice Of The Metro: Introduce yourself to the world, homie.
Big Fella: FINALLY. (laughs) Wuzzup VOTM & DMV, the name is BIG Fella aka Da Man Wit No Swag aka Industry Hitman aka Walkin SIM Card (laughs). I’m a local artist coming out of SE. I’m a motivated dude, innovative as well, and love making music, [...]

VOTM Interviews: Killa Cal

Voice Of The Metro: Introduce yourself to the world, homie.
Killa Cal: First, thank you for the interview and I really dig what you got going on with the site and the movement. As far as myself, I’m Killa Cal, independent artist from the metro area. Some call me Cal. Some call me Da Animal. [...]

VOTM Interviews: Noo

Voice Of The Metro: Introduce yourself to the world, homie.
Noo: What’s up, world, this your boy Noo aka Hollywood.
VOTM: Stamp that. Give the people a little history on you and this music game.
Noo: 19-year-old artist (20 in a week), grew up on the 1300 block of 5th St., also known as 5th-N-O in Washington, [...]

VOTM Mixtapes: Cayan - District Of Caylumbia

1.) Hip Hop Is Mine
2.) Dollars Circulate
3.) Chills x Ms. BIB
4.) Get It Shawty x CCB
5.) Good Guys Get The Girl
6.) Sideshow
7.) Love Interest
8.) Money Talks
9.) Yesterday x A.B. The Producer x Marky
10.) Let The Beat Breathe
11.) Ode To Hip-Hop
12.) Alone
13.) District Of Caylumbia
Download here…

VOTM Mixtapes: GoadomeTalk Presents…The Doors Opening EP

Definitely a dope mixtape full of the DMV’s best. Download NOW!!!
Pt. 1 - http://www.zshare.net/download/167145822eac8ac4
1. We Major Intro
2. Shiela - Marky
3. Is There Any Love [Verse] - Wale
4. Drum Roll - G2
5. Magnum Dollars - Mold of a Man
6. Flashing Lights - Point Blank
7. Meet The Rapper - High Society
8. Text Message [Remix] ft. A.P. - [...]

VOTM Artist To Watch: Truth

With many people claiming Hip-Hop to be dead and not at the state it was once in, Virginia-born and Maryland’s own Truth finds this as the perfect time to celebrate the culture and the new movement he is bringing to it. “The game will never be able to relive the past but I feel that [...]

VOTM News: Coming Soon…

The homie Major got some heat dropping tomorrow, DMV! GoadomeTalk has put together an mixtape/EP with some of the hottest MCs in the DMV, including Wale, Marky, Tabi Bonney, Syxx, Lyriciss, High Society, RaTheMC, NandoMcFlyy., and more! Make sure that when you download it tomorrow, 08/08/08. You can download it here on VOTM, at GoadomeTalk, [...]

VOTM Audio: Lyriciss - “The Willie Lynch Chip (Self-Hatred)”

This track…it’s a track I made after my last trip to NYC. While staying with family, I watched a DVD with a preacher speaking on “deactivating our Willie Lynch Chips”. Basically saying that as young black Americans, we need to get rid of the instinct in us that makes us seperate and down each other, [...]

VOTM Mixtapes: i™ - Rare & Unreleased

Download here…

VOTM Videos: The Beatdown (March)