VOTM Artist To Watch: Truth


With many people claiming Hip-Hop to be dead and not at the state it was once in, Virginia-born and Maryland’s own Truth finds this as the perfect time to celebrate the culture and the new movement he is bringing to it. “The game will never be able to relive the past but I feel that there are a lot of things that need to be restored. There used to be balance in Hip-Hop. People were making good music and were lyrically in tact, but now you either have one or the other,” says Truth. To level the see-saw like structure of the game, Truth brings to the table a combination of conceptual rhymes, good music, and a touch of charismatic word play. A product of the 80’s, Truth was greatly influenced by Jay-Z, Biggie, Common, Kanye West and whole list of artist that will fill up this page. These pioneers of Hip-Hop inspired Truth to be more than just a Hip-Hop critic. After taking a “hiatus” from his football career at NC A&T, and then pursuing Arena Football in California, Truth quickly reinstated his vows to Hip-Hop, this time not only as an active listener, but as an artist ready to compete in the game. Watching his peers Wale and Tabi Bonney rise in the game helped Truth in structuring his new game plan. A sudden emergence of rappers has been popping up all over the DC Metro Area within the last 3-4 years. Of the emerging artist, there is a significant amount of “Gangsta Rappers” and a few “Neo Soul Type” artist. You’re usually stuck in one catergory or the other if you rap. None except the ones with money to waste, or the ones with some kind of Industry influence have managed to gain any signicificant recognition beyond the beltway. Even when you have heard of a quote unquote DC Rapper, they weren’t repping the city, they were just making music giving a few shout outs here and there and glorifying the street and drug life. Truth, 23 years of age, straight out of the DC Metro Area is opposite of all the above. He’s a “Artist” not a rapper. ” Rappers live off raps and other rappers raps, artist live of creativty and conception”. Truth once said “When I hear a beat the concepts start flowing and I aim to create a musical masterpiece”. “I never wanted to be a rapper, never” said Truth but the ability just couldn’t be denied. Truth started flowing in highschool as a part-time hobby and then started fine tuning his skills in college at NC A&T. Meanwhile, Truth recorded a few tracks and still not serious about rapping, somehow gained the attention of Hip-Hop Mogul Sean “Diddy” Combs, which got him a chance to impress some of Sean Comb’s A&R’s over the phone. A&R’s impressed with what they heard, they decided to let Diddy hear Truth rap. Sine then Truth has been sharping his rhyme skills through slaughtering dudes in freestyle battles. “When I first heard him in a battle, I said “Damn, he from up the way…? ” said Chris Parler b.k.a “Gucci”, Truth’s manager. Most notable was when he was in front of a clothing store with a crowd around, and some dude who was suppose to be nice came through off the drinks, and got eaten alive in the daytime. His live performance whether it be freestlye or on stage is crazy because you feel his enregy through words and motions. This movement is going to be fun. “Move out the way or get moved out the way”.

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