VOTM Audio: Lyriciss - “The Willie Lynch Chip (Self-Hatred)”


This track…it’s a track I made after my last trip to NYC. While staying with family, I watched a DVD with a preacher speaking on “deactivating our Willie Lynch Chips”. Basically saying that as young black Americans, we need to get rid of the instinct in us that makes us seperate and down each other, which was instilled in us back in the slavery days in the Willie Lynch tactics, and sadly, it still remains in us today. So the first verse = a slave speaking on his loyalty to the master; second verse = the light-skin/dark-skin rift between the blacks of today; the third verse = the black woman’s independence and denial of need for the black man. Enjoy the track. Beat from Statik Selektah on “Black Cream”, off of Reks’s Grey Hairs album. Peace & Hip-Hop.

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