VOTM Interviews: Killa Cal

Voice Of The Metro: Introduce yourself to the world, homie.

Killa Cal: First, thank you for the interview and I really dig what you got going on with the site and the movement. As far as myself, I’m Killa Cal, independent artist from the metro area. Some call me Cal. Some call me Da Animal. Shit, you can call me for features, hosting, whateva. (laughs) Most know me from The What Band and a lot of features on local projects.

VOTM: Stamp that. Give the people a little history on you and this music game.

KC: Well, I been rapping in bands for about 10 years and that’s mainly where my buzz and fan base comes from. I would say about 2 years ago, I transitioned from strictly go-go to more song writing and studio work. Since then, I been on numerous mixtapes and have done countless features on projects up and down the coast and nationally. I would say the go-go game has been good to me, but for me to just stay with that, it’s really no challenge to me and I never wanted to limit myself to that. People that know me, know that I push…standing still is not an option.

VOTM: To be a rapper in the DMV right now definitely takes dedication. Are you signed at the moment? Unsigned? Looking?

KC: Who you telling? We are the forgotten ones. (laughs) Like we not the most powerful city in the world…but that’s another story…as of right now, I am NOT signed. I’m talking to people and meetings are in place, so we will see what happens. Good music will still be coming regardless though.

VOTM: This game is all about persistance. Any upcoming projects to look out for? Add to that, let the people know about any past projects you dropped too.

KC: Yeah, you gotta stay on your hustle in this game. A whole lot of up-and-coming projects in the mix right now, here are a few:
*Killa Cal and Ghost Present : The Dudley Boyz “ Bring The Tables “ release fall / winter ’08.
*Killa Cal and DJ Rico Present – “ Cal-aborations “ mixtape – all features from local artist - release TBA.
*Killa Cal “ Da Animal “ mixtape – release ‘09
Previous projects:
·0 “95 South Mixtape” DJ Ahmad in Philly
·1 DJ Torkaveli “ Metro Rap Radio Vol. 1”
·2 Killa Cal and Billy Da Kid Present : Kill Bill Vol. 1
·3 DJ Big Dezil – “ State to State “ Chopped and Screwed
·4 DJ Kash Monee – latest mixtape series
·5 Rap Masters TV out of ATL feature on youtube.

VOTM: So when cultivating yourself as an MC, who were your influences? Who did you listen to that helped make your style what it is?

KC: Growing up I was so into hip hop at a young age, I would say everybody from that late 80’s, early 90’s rap. Even though there are more lyricists in the game now, back then it was more hunger and personality in rap. You could enjoy an entire album back then. Now its single-based and rappers ain’t around for a long time. It’s kinda wild…but influences, I would say Rakim, Pac, B.I.G., Ice Cube. especially Cube. More recent influences - Fabolous, Jada, Cassidy, and Wayne influencing everybody, he runnin’ the game.

VOTM: So what are your goals as an artist? Keeping it strictly hip-hop, do some other ventures, etc.?

KC: My goals as an artist are mainly just to be real with myself and my fans. Keep good music out in the streets and be respected for what I do. I got the go-go thing going on, the hip-hop thing going on, and some acting. Success is the main goal. Every artist wants to see results, ya dig!

VOTM: Word. The DMV’s on the rise right now. We come from an area that hip-hop kind of ignored throughout the years. How do you feel about the climate now, where people like Wale, Tabi, Marky, etc. are getting signed and the DC area is finally getting the chance to be heard?

KC: I’m proud of all of them, they’re opening eyes to the area. All their hard work paid off. I hope they put out good albums because the pressure is on them. It’s a real good feeling right now around here. We definitely making noise, I will say I would like to see more collaborating and love throughout the area. Because we are broken into so many cliques around here. You got your go-go rappers, your underground local rappers, your gangster rappers, your Tuesday night legends rappers, your Uptown Bar Nun rappers. This crew don’t know about the other and etc. We all gotta support and embrace or we don’t stand a chance against the other cities that’s ON already.

VOTM: Well, now we’re going to head into the DMV section of questions. Favorite carryout?

KC: Eddie Leonard – any joint. Wings, mambo – yeah!

VOTM: Favorite go-go band?

KC: Mine. Shit…W.H.A.T. (laughs)

VOTM: Favorite clothing store?

KC: Damn…I buy more shoes than anything, but I would say wherever Coogi and Lux’s are. (laughs)

VOTM: Favorite artists in the area? Name as many as you want.

KC: Way too many to name but I’ll try. The main 3 or 4 of course, but I listen to a lot of artist on the rise, like I just got into some of Lyriciss stuff, I’m digging it…Ghost, Dugee, Imani the Misfit, Dirty Water, Diggz, Gods’Illa, Tork, 32, Blade Brown, Mo Chips, Los from BYB, R.E.U.B., UNVA, Garvey, Don Juan, Traedogg, Yak and Del, Aye B, KayeM ( we both used to hoop at my cousins house and never knew he was nice on the rap side.), plenty more but I can’t get everybody.

VOTM: Any shoutouts or last words for the people?

KC: Shout out to VOTM for letting me speak to the people. And stop hating and start collaborating, that’s our only chance, people!!! Thanks to everyone for the support and check me out at http://www.myspace.com/therealkillacal or type “Killa Cal” in on youtube and you can see some footage.

VOTM: Thanks man. Much appreciated. Stay on your grind.

KC: Thank you. Keep the people informed. 1 luv.

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