VOTM Interviews: Big Fella

Voice Of The Metro: Introduce yourself to the world, homie.

Big Fella: FINALLY. (laughs) Wuzzup VOTM & DMV, the name is BIG Fella aka Da Man Wit No Swag aka Industry Hitman aka Walkin SIM Card (laughs). I’m a local artist coming out of SE. I’m a motivated dude, innovative as well, and love making music, yung. My new single, “Picture Booth Action”, produced By X Quiz the Hitman, should be hitting the radio waves soon. I’m in the process of working on that now, so check it out on my MySpace page and leave feedback if you like.

VOTM: Stamp that. Give the people a little history on you and this music game.

BF: Man, for real, for real, I feel like I have the best work ethic in the studio, to be honest, & I’m not downing anyone else at all, it’s just my opinion because I do like 4-5 tracks a day just because I’m bored and want my voice to be heard. Now as far as my talent, a lot of people don’t know that I don’t write any of my lyrics anymore. I have artists other then the ones I work with to vouch for that too. I stopped writing for like 2 years now, and the reason why is because I got tired of writing lyrics and on a track, I sound like I’m reading more than rapping, so I stopped. Now when I hear myself, I sound more comfortable. I’m not trying to be like Jay Z, Lil Wayne or nothing like that at all. I just want to be different and get better at what I do. I don’t know anybody else out the DMV who does that, so I want to be the first to be known for it. And shot out to whoever is doing it like that, making tracks without pen & pad.

VOTM: To be a rapper in the DMV right now definitely takes dedication. Are you signed at the moment? Unsigned? Looking?

BF: It does take a lot of dedication, but it mostly takes passion, yung, like for real, if you just rapping for fame and trying to make it for video vixens, then stop rapping PLEASE, because that’s fake as shit. Be yourself and be unique. I’m not signed right now, though hopefully I will be signed in the near future (laughs). But yeah, I’m a free agent, grinding. My MySpace page getting like 600- 1000 hits a day. I got music on Soundclick, DatPiff, BlackPlanet, and imeem, so yeah, I’m just flooding the internet with different material, man. I got my own record label, A.B.C. Ent. (All Bout Capital Entertainment). I’m in the lab now, working on my album & another mixtape. Well, make that two albums, because the group I’m in, Metro Cartel, we’re workin on our second joint too.

VOTM: This game is all about persistence. Any upcoming projects to look out for? Add to that, let the people know about any past projects you dropped too.

BF: Oh yeah, my new joint “I’m A Walkin SIM Card!!! Mixtape” should be out in like late September. I got some banging features - I got Metro Cartel, Young Ridge, Young Tap, Mz. Knight, Mike Incredible, & Airport Tone. Also working with my cousin Kane from Merciless Umbrella. The Black Market Album should out in October or early November, plus my debut album FELLA’SHIP should be out in second quarter ‘09, and that’s about it, for real. The Walkin SIM Card joint is pretty self explanatory. On this mixtape, I’m jye trying to prove myself to the public like “look what I can do”. I’m very versatile on this one. I get a little bit more detailed in my storytelling verses, so yeah, I jye stepped it up a notch from my last mixtape, “If U Don’t Like Dis, U HATIN!!!”.

VOTM: So when cultivating yourself as an MC, who were your influences? Who did you listen to that helped make your style what it is?

BF: Ah, my influnces were Biggie, Heavy D, UGK, 8ball & MJG, all Cash Money members (even the formers as well), you know, the legends. Far as who I listen to that helped make my style, I’ll say Biggie, Jay-Z, Lil Wayne, Sqad Up!, Rick Ross, Kanye & Ludacris. As you can see, I named three of the greatest rappers ever, which I’m trying to be one day. I named Sqad Up because their first album was a hungry-type of feel with it and that’s how I am, and Ross, Kanye & Luda because of there wordplay & delivery.

VOTM: So what are your goals as an artist? Keeping it strictly hip-hop, do some other ventures, etc.?

BF: My goals are getting signed, either solo or with the Metro Cartel as a group, and get my artists heard off my label A.B.C. Ent. You can be on the look out for Young Ridge, Mike the Incredible, Young Tap, & Mz. Knight from PIFB (Paid In Full Band). You can hear all four on my new mixtape, Ima Walkin SIM Card, plus their solo tracks as well.

VOTM: Word. The DMV’s on the rise right now. We come from an area that hip-hop kind of ignored throughout the years. How do you feel about the climate now, where people like Wale, Tabi, Marky, etc. are getting signed and the DC area is finally getting the chance to be heard?

BF: I feel the industry & Hip Hop itself are goin to be shocked when the DMV get out in the public world wide and show how much talent we have here. I think everything we have is unique from slang, style of fashion, & our trends of rap. The industry, champ, right now, man, like just weak to me. Ain’t no one good being heard, radio waves play the same thing over & over (laughs). But man, I applaud them dudes, for real. I know it’s hard to even get a little buzz from home just because you from home, so yeah man, much success to all of them.

VOTM: Well, now we’re going to head into the DMV section of questions. Favorite carryout?

BF: New York Fried Chicken, off Good Hope Rd.

VOTM: Favorite go-go band?

BF: Backyard, of course.

VOTM: Favorite clothing store?

BF: Downtown Locker Room.

VOTM: Favorite artists in the area? Name as many as you want.

BF: B.I.G. Fella (laughs). X-Quiz the Hitman, Metro Cartel’s Ivin the Terrorable, Merciless Umbrella’s Kane, Steph B, Maria J, Dreamlife Thorbreads’ A.N.T., Airport Tone, Pro’Verb, 1st Class, X.O., AB The Producer, The Hope, Dollartics’ Rico, & 3030. Man, the list goes on, yung. I listen to jye like everyone in this list. I choose who I like listen to from a solo artist perspective, so DMV artists, do not be offended. (laughs)

VOTM: Any shoutouts or last words for the people?


VOTM: Thanks man. Much appreciated. Stay on your grind.

BF: No problem, man, thank y’all.

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