VOTM Interviews: Badio

Voice Of The Metro: Introduce yourself to the world.

Badio: What up, world? It’s your boy…Badio The Africano. Ha…repping Woodbridge, VA.

VOTM: Yezzir! So for the people that don’t know about you, let them know a little background with you and this music game.

B: Word. Well, um…where do I wanna start? Came to the states in 2000 from West Africa. Liberia…L.I.B., stand up. Landed in Woodbridge, VA. Middle school came through…was into art heavy…started finding a way to write verses that related or reflected my art pieces. Swagger got introduced to me while being around some wavy characters early. (laughs) So my verses started from that point on. Did my thing in high school, started buzzing heavy around the Woodbridge and VA area, ran with my band. Yes…band. Acoustic band, on some illy hip-hop smooth mix. The Commonwealth, we called ourselves. Shit was rocking. At the same time, I was running with my rap group, Statelinkz. Decided to do my solo thing around my senior year and just started buzzing ever since. Got linked up with Young Boss (Yung Berg’s label) by JFK (produced “Sexy Lady”), who linked up with me in Woodbridge. Now I’m here in Florida, doing the college thing at Full Sail University, doing some house party tours down here. You know…kicking it with snowbunnies and red cups, and just having fun. Graduating soon and moving to the West Coast. What else you wanna know? (laughs)

VOTM: Sounds dope, my dude. House party tour? Very original.

B: Yup yup. I like to get drunk. See me in beer pong. (laughs). So yeah, I forgot, I dropped the Progress album, produced by Q ledbetter, then about what…a couple months ago, I dropped the BANGER, The Swag Central Mixtape. Now I’m working on a project called Ape Shit.

VOTM: Yzr. So tell me about the response to the former projects. Did it surprise you?

B: Ummmm…looking back at it, for the first one, I was surprised, simply ‘cuz, I mean…the shit that I was putting together was something nobody heard around my area. I wasn’t on some “bang bang kill” shit. More realistic to the people around, and the response was major.

VOTM: Word, the progressive hip-hop route.

B: Yeah…progressive on vodka. (laughs) Don’t forget that.

VOTM: Exactly. Drunk mind speaks a sober heart.

B: Word. So yeah, I mean…it went well, real well. So for me to have transitioned from that point to doing Swag Central, was my cocky ass.

VOTM: I feel you. Good to hear. So how do you feel about the whole DMV movement’s progress? And what role do you see yourself playing in it?

B: DMV progress? Shit’s dope as fuck…I’m loving it right now man. We’re yelling in their ear right now. We knocking…we coming…shit’s dope. More exposure for us. As far as my role…(laughs). WELL SHIT…YOU CAN LABEL ME AS THAT SLY, SILK, WITTY SINATRA BADIO SHIT. (laughs) I’m playing Andre 3000 in the DMV.

VOTM: So the Ape Shit project, when do you plan to have that out?

B: See, since the concept is me going ape shit, I gotta go ape shit and not tell them when it’s coming out! I’m fucking with you, it’s coming out in February.

VOTM: Ah, perfect timing…you know the birthday is February 1st. BONG!
So at the time, are you signed? Unsigned? Looking for a deal?

B: I AM UNSIGNED, PEOPLE! Yup, unsigned.

VOTM: Stamp. Now with the music game in the climate that it’s in, would you rather be on an indie or major?

B: Indie. I got a lot of smart kids that need jobs. (laughs)

VOTM: Good move. So we’re going to get into the DMV section of the questions real quick…favorite go-go band?

B: Ummm…Backyard. But I really didn’t start fucking with them until Wale brought that into the mix, you know?

VOTM: I feel you. Favorite carryout?

B: Umm, actually there’s this spot in Woodbridge, Dale City, The China Inn. Shit’s the shit.

VOTM: Favorite clothing store?

B: Um…everybody loves H&M. The Prada Store. Urban Outfitters. Whatever I see.

VOTM: Favorite artists in the area? Other than yourself, that is. (laughs)

B: Q led.better, Sulaiman, KZ. Umm…Wale, Mambo Sauce. I like Tabi Bonney.

VOTM: Word. Shouts out to Tabi. VMA nominee, as I sit here watchin the MTV VMAs.

B: Word, that guy’s fly, man…wavy.

VOTM: So to wrap it up, you got any last words/shoutouts for the people?

B: Shout out to all my Africano’s. The entire Woodbridge area. Stafford. Northern VA. Peace and love to my parents. Q, Sulaiman, KZ. Everything close. It’s love.

For more on Badio, click here.

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