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Voice Of The Metro is a blog site dedicated to the street culture of the Washington DC Metro area. From music to fashion, VOTM covers it all. If you’re interested in being on the site, whether for an interview, showcase, or advertisement, email Lyriciss or NandoMcFlyy. at…


Thank you and stay up on the site. Updates will be almost daily (almost…we’re some busy dudes…got rap careers ourselves, dig? lol). Also, if you hear about anything new happening in the area, email me the info at the email address above.

Also, check out on MySpace…


Peace & Hip-Hop,





  1. wuzzup VOTM im from SE n i rockz wit n e 1 tryin 2 put DMV on so yea yall can go head n add me 2 VOTM 4 real lol but all jokes aside yall keep doin ya ding n Judah keep given em hits holla at yall homie

  2. Wazup VOTM, Im Ph@ntom from Tha D-dot-C. Ima upcoming artist who feeling what VOTM is doing and representing. I’m collabing wit anyone who trying to put our area on the map…whoever tryina make it. Determination and Effort is here. So im tryina get an interwview and be heard…off tha real but on the 1. Ya Di66?// But holla at ya boi!!!

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