VOTM Mixtapes: NandoMcFlyy. - "TheCarryOut Mixtape"

1. The Food. (INTRO)2. AlmostFamous. 3. Questions. (Produced By: Bling)4. EarlyMorningRap.5. Back2Black. (Ft./Azizi Gibson)6. CornyRap. (Ft./Marky)7. Go-Go (Skit)8. TheZombieInterlude.9. Whatchasay? (PayDay) (Ft./Azizi Gibson)10. Promise Ring (Remix)11. FlyMusic (Produced By: Bling)12. Link Drop13. BlackQueen.14. EasyStreet (Ft./Jono) (Produced By: B.Marz)15. Thanxforasking.16. DamageIsDone.17. C.R.E.A.M. (Freestyle)18. HoForSho.19. Dollars. (Ft./Savage)20. The S.V. Homewrecker21. Let’s Get This Paper (Remix)22. Outro (Shoutouts)

VOTM Interview: NandoMcFlyy.

In an area where every rapper seems to be moving more drugs than Rayful Edmund and killing more people than Scarface in their rhymes, it’s refreshing to have MCs that bring about lyrical originality. In comes 19-year-old NandoMcFlyy., a lyricist with more to talk about than his drug net sale. Affiliated with established producer Judah, [...]