Pics from DEADSTOCK!

Yzr! Check em out! I killed it. I brought my nigga Lyriciss out to hit his single “Fakin Like” Here are the pics courtesy of City (Prolific Ent.)

Thanks to Ric for inviting me and my folks out! Nyc had been killed AGAIN.

Interview with Mouse A.K.A. The Waldorf Posterboy

Without a question one of the hottest underground stars (yeah, I said it.) in the DMV. I met dude over the internet through my boy Azizi Gibson. He’s Mouse. The Waldorf Posterboy. In 2007 he dropped “MO Betta 0.5″ possibly one of the sickest mixtapes from the areas artist.  During that mixtape Mouse was attending [...]

VOTM Interview: KayeM

It seems funny to the casual rap listener that there would be an MC from the DMV area to be considered a “vet”, since there hasn’t been much commercial success in hip-hop down here. But when speaking on OUR scene, trust me when I tell you this…KayeM? He’s a vet! Almost 10 years into [...]

VOTM Journal: Lyriciss, Creator Of Voice Of The Metro, DMV Hip-Hop Artist

Turn my mic up! Turn my headphones up! Turn my beat up! And any of that other shit these rappers say nowadays to try to sound cool lol. What’s good, people? This is the first entry of the VOTM Journal…EVER. So I’m laying down history at this exact moment. Let it sink in…aight, reality check [...]

VOTM Videos: Wale - "Uptown Roamers"

As some of you may or may not know, Wale had 2 versions of the video…similar, yet very different. Which version do YOU think is best? Leave a comment and let me know!
Original Version

Bob Smoke/MySpace “Real” Version
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VOTM Mixtapes: NandoMcFlyy. - "TheCarryOut Mixtape"

1. The Food. (INTRO)2. AlmostFamous. 3. Questions. (Produced By: Bling)4. EarlyMorningRap.5. Back2Black. (Ft./Azizi Gibson)6. CornyRap. (Ft./Marky)7. Go-Go (Skit)8. TheZombieInterlude.9. Whatchasay? (PayDay) (Ft./Azizi Gibson)10. Promise Ring (Remix)11. FlyMusic (Produced By: Bling)12. Link Drop13. BlackQueen.14. EasyStreet (Ft./Jono) (Produced By: B.Marz)15. Thanxforasking.16. DamageIsDone.17. C.R.E.A.M. (Freestyle)18. HoForSho.19. Dollars. (Ft./Savage)20. The S.V. Homewrecker21. Let’s Get This Paper (Remix)22. Outro (Shoutouts)

VOTM Interview: F Major (of MizFitz Soundz)

Come on now…you didn’t think I was gon’ rep for the whole DMV and have the audacity to leave Baltimore out, did you? Get your mind right…most of y’all with this lil’ DC-Baltimore beef have no ideas of the origin and you’re trying too hard for your “thug stamp”. Fall back. You want heat? Holla [...]

VOTM Interview: DJ Torkaveli

So you say you’re a DJ? You’re sitting at home with your moms old turntable with the duct tape on the old 12″ singles and scratchin’ them up? DJ Torkaveli takes a different route…no turntables at all. Just hot tracks, hot artists, and a sick set-up of a playlist for a great mixtape. Voice Of [...]

VOTM Interview: Pages

Poetry. Hip-Hop. It’s all the same, right? The placing of lyrics in a rhythmic or artistic pattern to make a unique mixture of words. That must be why Pages does both so well…there’s no black and white in his mental’s gray area of creativity. A young African in the U.S., he brings the poet’s mind [...]

VOTM Interview: NandoMcFlyy.

In an area where every rapper seems to be moving more drugs than Rayful Edmund and killing more people than Scarface in their rhymes, it’s refreshing to have MCs that bring about lyrical originality. In comes 19-year-old NandoMcFlyy., a lyricist with more to talk about than his drug net sale. Affiliated with established producer Judah, [...]