VOTM Videos: The Beatdown (March)

VOTM Videos: Marky Performing Live @ LOVE w./Wale & Tabi Bonney

VOTM Videos: HipHopOfficial x Marky

VOTM Videos: Marky Performing @ Club Bounce

VOTM Videos: TNT (TopNotch Teamsters) - After The Go-Go

VOTM Downloads: StartOfTheLine, DCtoBC, & KNOWxONE Present…The DMV Mixtape

1. RaTheMC - Halftime Remix
2. Wale - I Really Luv Ur Girl
3. Third World Klick - If Only You Believe
4. R.E.U.B. - It Ain’t Hard to Tell
5. NandoMcFlyy. f./Mouse - KidzWithGunz (Remix)
6. Oddisee - Memory Lane
7. NandoMcFlyy. - On My Way Home
8. X.O. f./Wale - Rid’n (Remix)
9. K-Beta - State of Mind
10. X.O. - Stolen
11. [...]

“I haven’t met a motherf%%$ who is sick as I…..”

Been a long time, eh? Well I been OD busy working on S.N.E.S. here’s a little something for you guys. I have a video shoot for “Kickflip” Just the 1st verse tho…When it comes out I hope you enjoy it!!!! Here’s some pics. Thanx to Vikki, Duck aka T-Luv and my bro Shawn Jay for [...]

VOTM Mixtapes: Lyriciss - The Hope

1. The Awakening
2. I’m Back
3. They Fakin (Produced by Swaggar)
4. Marky Drop
5. Long Paper Short Gangsta (w./Problem Child & Cadi Mac) (Produced by Swaggar)
6. Welcome To The Middle East (Produced by F Major)
7. Nike Boots
8. DJ Torkaveli Drop
9. A Milli Freestyle (f./Lil Bay Newt)
10. You & Me (Produced by Kingsmen Productions)
11. The Hope
12. Magnum [...]

VOTM Mixtapes: Dugee - Coach Sessions Vol. 2.2

Download here…

Letter From The Editor…

It’s been a while since I sat here and typed, right? Just needed some way to clear my mind and raise weight off my shoulders, so why not my blog? Well, young…I think I’m done with VoiceOfTheMetro.com, which is sad to say. But I just ain’t got the passion for it like I did. Bammas [...]