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Voice Of The Metro: Introduce yourself to the world.

Badio: What up, world? It’s your boy…Badio The Africano. Ha…repping Woodbridge, VA.

VOTM: Yezzir! So for the people that don’t know about you, let them know a little background with you and this music game.

B: Word. Well, um…where do I wanna start? Came to the states in 2000 from West Africa. Liberia…L.I.B., stand up. Landed in Woodbridge, VA. Middle school came through…was into art heavy…started finding a way to write verses that related or reflected my art pieces. Swagger got introduced to me while being around some wavy characters early. (laughs) So my verses started from that point on. Did my thing in high school, started buzzing heavy around the Woodbridge and VA area, ran with my band. Yes…band. Acoustic band, on some illy hip-hop smooth mix. The Commonwealth, we called ourselves. Shit was rocking. At the same time, I was running with my rap group, Statelinkz. Decided to do my solo thing around my senior year and just started buzzing ever since. Got linked up with Young Boss (Yung Berg’s label) by JFK (produced “Sexy Lady”), who linked up with me in Woodbridge. Now I’m here in Florida, doing the college thing at Full Sail University, doing some house party tours down here. You know…kicking it with snowbunnies and red cups, and just having fun. Graduating soon and moving to the West Coast. What else you wanna know? (laughs)

VOTM: Sounds dope, my dude. House party tour? Very original.

B: Yup yup. I like to get drunk. See me in beer pong. (laughs). So yeah, I forgot, I dropped the Progress album, produced by Q ledbetter, then about what…a couple months ago, I dropped the BANGER, The Swag Central Mixtape. Now I’m working on a project called Ape Shit.

VOTM: Yzr. So tell me about the response to the former projects. Did it surprise you?

B: Ummmm…looking back at it, for the first one, I was surprised, simply ‘cuz, I mean…the shit that I was putting together was something nobody heard around my area. I wasn’t on some “bang bang kill” shit. More realistic to the people around, and the response was major.

VOTM: Word, the progressive hip-hop route.

B: Yeah…progressive on vodka. (laughs) Don’t forget that.

VOTM: Exactly. Drunk mind speaks a sober heart.

B: Word. So yeah, I mean…it went well, real well. So for me to have transitioned from that point to doing Swag Central, was my cocky ass.

VOTM: I feel you. Good to hear. So how do you feel about the whole DMV movement’s progress? And what role do you see yourself playing in it?

B: DMV progress? Shit’s dope as fuck…I’m loving it right now man. We’re yelling in their ear right now. We knocking…we coming…shit’s dope. More exposure for us. As far as my role…(laughs). WELL SHIT…YOU CAN LABEL ME AS THAT SLY, SILK, WITTY SINATRA BADIO SHIT. (laughs) I’m playing Andre 3000 in the DMV.

VOTM: So the Ape Shit project, when do you plan to have that out?

B: See, since the concept is me going ape shit, I gotta go ape shit and not tell them when it’s coming out! I’m fucking with you, it’s coming out in February.

VOTM: Ah, perfect timing…you know the birthday is February 1st. BONG!
So at the time, are you signed? Unsigned? Looking for a deal?

B: I AM UNSIGNED, PEOPLE! Yup, unsigned.

VOTM: Stamp. Now with the music game in the climate that it’s in, would you rather be on an indie or major?

B: Indie. I got a lot of smart kids that need jobs. (laughs)

VOTM: Good move. So we’re going to get into the DMV section of the questions real quick…favorite go-go band?

B: Ummm…Backyard. But I really didn’t start fucking with them until Wale brought that into the mix, you know?

VOTM: I feel you. Favorite carryout?

B: Umm, actually there’s this spot in Woodbridge, Dale City, The China Inn. Shit’s the shit.

VOTM: Favorite clothing store?

B: Um…everybody loves H&M. The Prada Store. Urban Outfitters. Whatever I see.

VOTM: Favorite artists in the area? Other than yourself, that is. (laughs)

B: Q led.better, Sulaiman, KZ. Umm…Wale, Mambo Sauce. I like Tabi Bonney.

VOTM: Word. Shouts out to Tabi. VMA nominee, as I sit here watchin the MTV VMAs.

B: Word, that guy’s fly, man…wavy.

VOTM: So to wrap it up, you got any last words/shoutouts for the people?

B: Shout out to all my Africano’s. The entire Woodbridge area. Stafford. Northern VA. Peace and love to my parents. Q, Sulaiman, KZ. Everything close. It’s love.

For more on Badio, click here.

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VOTM Interviews: Big Fella http://voiceofthemetro.com/2008/08/22/votm-interviews-big-fella/ http://voiceofthemetro.com/2008/08/22/votm-interviews-big-fella/#comments Fri, 22 Aug 2008 21:12:37 +0000 Lyriciss Flowz http://voiceofthemetro.wordpress.com/?p=263 ]]>

Voice Of The Metro: Introduce yourself to the world, homie.

Big Fella: FINALLY. (laughs) Wuzzup VOTM & DMV, the name is BIG Fella aka Da Man Wit No Swag aka Industry Hitman aka Walkin SIM Card (laughs). I’m a local artist coming out of SE. I’m a motivated dude, innovative as well, and love making music, yung. My new single, “Picture Booth Action”, produced By X Quiz the Hitman, should be hitting the radio waves soon. I’m in the process of working on that now, so check it out on my MySpace page and leave feedback if you like.

VOTM: Stamp that. Give the people a little history on you and this music game.

BF: Man, for real, for real, I feel like I have the best work ethic in the studio, to be honest, & I’m not downing anyone else at all, it’s just my opinion because I do like 4-5 tracks a day just because I’m bored and want my voice to be heard. Now as far as my talent, a lot of people don’t know that I don’t write any of my lyrics anymore. I have artists other then the ones I work with to vouch for that too. I stopped writing for like 2 years now, and the reason why is because I got tired of writing lyrics and on a track, I sound like I’m reading more than rapping, so I stopped. Now when I hear myself, I sound more comfortable. I’m not trying to be like Jay Z, Lil Wayne or nothing like that at all. I just want to be different and get better at what I do. I don’t know anybody else out the DMV who does that, so I want to be the first to be known for it. And shot out to whoever is doing it like that, making tracks without pen & pad.

VOTM: To be a rapper in the DMV right now definitely takes dedication. Are you signed at the moment? Unsigned? Looking?

BF: It does take a lot of dedication, but it mostly takes passion, yung, like for real, if you just rapping for fame and trying to make it for video vixens, then stop rapping PLEASE, because that’s fake as shit. Be yourself and be unique. I’m not signed right now, though hopefully I will be signed in the near future (laughs). But yeah, I’m a free agent, grinding. My MySpace page getting like 600- 1000 hits a day. I got music on Soundclick, DatPiff, BlackPlanet, and imeem, so yeah, I’m just flooding the internet with different material, man. I got my own record label, A.B.C. Ent. (All Bout Capital Entertainment). I’m in the lab now, working on my album & another mixtape. Well, make that two albums, because the group I’m in, Metro Cartel, we’re workin on our second joint too.

VOTM: This game is all about persistence. Any upcoming projects to look out for? Add to that, let the people know about any past projects you dropped too.

BF: Oh yeah, my new joint “I’m A Walkin SIM Card!!! Mixtape” should be out in like late September. I got some banging features - I got Metro Cartel, Young Ridge, Young Tap, Mz. Knight, Mike Incredible, & Airport Tone. Also working with my cousin Kane from Merciless Umbrella. The Black Market Album should out in October or early November, plus my debut album FELLA’SHIP should be out in second quarter ‘09, and that’s about it, for real. The Walkin SIM Card joint is pretty self explanatory. On this mixtape, I’m jye trying to prove myself to the public like “look what I can do”. I’m very versatile on this one. I get a little bit more detailed in my storytelling verses, so yeah, I jye stepped it up a notch from my last mixtape, “If U Don’t Like Dis, U HATIN!!!”.

VOTM: So when cultivating yourself as an MC, who were your influences? Who did you listen to that helped make your style what it is?

BF: Ah, my influnces were Biggie, Heavy D, UGK, 8ball & MJG, all Cash Money members (even the formers as well), you know, the legends. Far as who I listen to that helped make my style, I’ll say Biggie, Jay-Z, Lil Wayne, Sqad Up!, Rick Ross, Kanye & Ludacris. As you can see, I named three of the greatest rappers ever, which I’m trying to be one day. I named Sqad Up because their first album was a hungry-type of feel with it and that’s how I am, and Ross, Kanye & Luda because of there wordplay & delivery.

VOTM: So what are your goals as an artist? Keeping it strictly hip-hop, do some other ventures, etc.?

BF: My goals are getting signed, either solo or with the Metro Cartel as a group, and get my artists heard off my label A.B.C. Ent. You can be on the look out for Young Ridge, Mike the Incredible, Young Tap, & Mz. Knight from PIFB (Paid In Full Band). You can hear all four on my new mixtape, Ima Walkin SIM Card, plus their solo tracks as well.

VOTM: Word. The DMV’s on the rise right now. We come from an area that hip-hop kind of ignored throughout the years. How do you feel about the climate now, where people like Wale, Tabi, Marky, etc. are getting signed and the DC area is finally getting the chance to be heard?

BF: I feel the industry & Hip Hop itself are goin to be shocked when the DMV get out in the public world wide and show how much talent we have here. I think everything we have is unique from slang, style of fashion, & our trends of rap. The industry, champ, right now, man, like just weak to me. Ain’t no one good being heard, radio waves play the same thing over & over (laughs). But man, I applaud them dudes, for real. I know it’s hard to even get a little buzz from home just because you from home, so yeah man, much success to all of them.

VOTM: Well, now we’re going to head into the DMV section of questions. Favorite carryout?

BF: New York Fried Chicken, off Good Hope Rd.

VOTM: Favorite go-go band?

BF: Backyard, of course.

VOTM: Favorite clothing store?

BF: Downtown Locker Room.

VOTM: Favorite artists in the area? Name as many as you want.

BF: B.I.G. Fella (laughs). X-Quiz the Hitman, Metro Cartel’s Ivin the Terrorable, Merciless Umbrella’s Kane, Steph B, Maria J, Dreamlife Thorbreads’ A.N.T., Airport Tone, Pro’Verb, 1st Class, X.O., AB The Producer, The Hope, Dollartics’ Rico, & 3030. Man, the list goes on, yung. I listen to jye like everyone in this list. I choose who I like listen to from a solo artist perspective, so DMV artists, do not be offended. (laughs)

VOTM: Any shoutouts or last words for the people?


VOTM: Thanks man. Much appreciated. Stay on your grind.

BF: No problem, man, thank y’all.

http://voiceofthemetro.com/2008/08/22/votm-interviews-big-fella/feed/ Lyriciss Flowz
VOTM Interviews: Killa Cal http://voiceofthemetro.com/2008/08/15/votm-interviews-killa-cal/ http://voiceofthemetro.com/2008/08/15/votm-interviews-killa-cal/#comments Sat, 16 Aug 2008 02:18:57 +0000 Lyriciss Flowz http://voiceofthemetro.wordpress.com/?p=261 ]]>

Voice Of The Metro: Introduce yourself to the world, homie.

Killa Cal: First, thank you for the interview and I really dig what you got going on with the site and the movement. As far as myself, I’m Killa Cal, independent artist from the metro area. Some call me Cal. Some call me Da Animal. Shit, you can call me for features, hosting, whateva. (laughs) Most know me from The What Band and a lot of features on local projects.

VOTM: Stamp that. Give the people a little history on you and this music game.

KC: Well, I been rapping in bands for about 10 years and that’s mainly where my buzz and fan base comes from. I would say about 2 years ago, I transitioned from strictly go-go to more song writing and studio work. Since then, I been on numerous mixtapes and have done countless features on projects up and down the coast and nationally. I would say the go-go game has been good to me, but for me to just stay with that, it’s really no challenge to me and I never wanted to limit myself to that. People that know me, know that I push…standing still is not an option.

VOTM: To be a rapper in the DMV right now definitely takes dedication. Are you signed at the moment? Unsigned? Looking?

KC: Who you telling? We are the forgotten ones. (laughs) Like we not the most powerful city in the world…but that’s another story…as of right now, I am NOT signed. I’m talking to people and meetings are in place, so we will see what happens. Good music will still be coming regardless though.

VOTM: This game is all about persistance. Any upcoming projects to look out for? Add to that, let the people know about any past projects you dropped too.

KC: Yeah, you gotta stay on your hustle in this game. A whole lot of up-and-coming projects in the mix right now, here are a few:
*Killa Cal and Ghost Present : The Dudley Boyz “ Bring The Tables “ release fall / winter ’08.
*Killa Cal and DJ Rico Present – “ Cal-aborations “ mixtape – all features from local artist - release TBA.
*Killa Cal “ Da Animal “ mixtape – release ‘09
Previous projects:
·0 “95 South Mixtape” DJ Ahmad in Philly
·1 DJ Torkaveli “ Metro Rap Radio Vol. 1”
·2 Killa Cal and Billy Da Kid Present : Kill Bill Vol. 1
·3 DJ Big Dezil – “ State to State “ Chopped and Screwed
·4 DJ Kash Monee – latest mixtape series
·5 Rap Masters TV out of ATL feature on youtube.

VOTM: So when cultivating yourself as an MC, who were your influences? Who did you listen to that helped make your style what it is?

KC: Growing up I was so into hip hop at a young age, I would say everybody from that late 80’s, early 90’s rap. Even though there are more lyricists in the game now, back then it was more hunger and personality in rap. You could enjoy an entire album back then. Now its single-based and rappers ain’t around for a long time. It’s kinda wild…but influences, I would say Rakim, Pac, B.I.G., Ice Cube. especially Cube. More recent influences - Fabolous, Jada, Cassidy, and Wayne influencing everybody, he runnin’ the game.

VOTM: So what are your goals as an artist? Keeping it strictly hip-hop, do some other ventures, etc.?

KC: My goals as an artist are mainly just to be real with myself and my fans. Keep good music out in the streets and be respected for what I do. I got the go-go thing going on, the hip-hop thing going on, and some acting. Success is the main goal. Every artist wants to see results, ya dig!

VOTM: Word. The DMV’s on the rise right now. We come from an area that hip-hop kind of ignored throughout the years. How do you feel about the climate now, where people like Wale, Tabi, Marky, etc. are getting signed and the DC area is finally getting the chance to be heard?

KC: I’m proud of all of them, they’re opening eyes to the area. All their hard work paid off. I hope they put out good albums because the pressure is on them. It’s a real good feeling right now around here. We definitely making noise, I will say I would like to see more collaborating and love throughout the area. Because we are broken into so many cliques around here. You got your go-go rappers, your underground local rappers, your gangster rappers, your Tuesday night legends rappers, your Uptown Bar Nun rappers. This crew don’t know about the other and etc. We all gotta support and embrace or we don’t stand a chance against the other cities that’s ON already.

VOTM: Well, now we’re going to head into the DMV section of questions. Favorite carryout?

KC: Eddie Leonard – any joint. Wings, mambo – yeah!

VOTM: Favorite go-go band?

KC: Mine. Shit…W.H.A.T. (laughs)

VOTM: Favorite clothing store?

KC: Damn…I buy more shoes than anything, but I would say wherever Coogi and Lux’s are. (laughs)

VOTM: Favorite artists in the area? Name as many as you want.

KC: Way too many to name but I’ll try. The main 3 or 4 of course, but I listen to a lot of artist on the rise, like I just got into some of Lyriciss stuff, I’m digging it…Ghost, Dugee, Imani the Misfit, Dirty Water, Diggz, Gods’Illa, Tork, 32, Blade Brown, Mo Chips, Los from BYB, R.E.U.B., UNVA, Garvey, Don Juan, Traedogg, Yak and Del, Aye B, KayeM ( we both used to hoop at my cousins house and never knew he was nice on the rap side.), plenty more but I can’t get everybody.

VOTM: Any shoutouts or last words for the people?

KC: Shout out to VOTM for letting me speak to the people. And stop hating and start collaborating, that’s our only chance, people!!! Thanks to everyone for the support and check me out at http://www.myspace.com/therealkillacal or type “Killa Cal” in on youtube and you can see some footage.

VOTM: Thanks man. Much appreciated. Stay on your grind.

KC: Thank you. Keep the people informed. 1 luv.

http://voiceofthemetro.com/2008/08/15/votm-interviews-killa-cal/feed/ Lyriciss Flowz
VOTM Interviews: Noo http://voiceofthemetro.com/2008/08/13/votm-interviews-noo/ http://voiceofthemetro.com/2008/08/13/votm-interviews-noo/#comments Wed, 13 Aug 2008 15:32:06 +0000 Lyriciss Flowz http://voiceofthemetro.wordpress.com/?p=257 ]]>

Voice Of The Metro: Introduce yourself to the world, homie.

Noo: What’s up, world, this your boy Noo aka Hollywood.

VOTM: Stamp that. Give the people a little history on you and this music game.

Noo: 19-year-old artist (20 in a week), grew up on the 1300 block of 5th St., also known as 5th-N-O in Washington, D.C. I fell in love with music at a very young age. Couldn’t tell you the exact age, but we just gonna say music has been an influence for a long time. Graduated from Dunbar Senior High School and completed one year at Shaw University in Raleigh, North Carolina. Played sports and did comedy before becoming serious with the rap. I think around 8 or 9, I can say I used to sit in the mirror and rhyme
a lot, but I believe like at the end of my senior year in high school, I decided to make a career out of this. So far, so good.

VOTM: To be a rapper in the DMV right now definitely takes dedication. Are you signed at the moment? Unsigned? Looking?

Noo: Well, right now, I am actually in negotiation with Mr. Collipark, who is the CEO of Collipark Records/Collipark Music (which is also under Interscope at the moment) about signing a deal with him. Nothing is definite but it’s in process, so just pray for the boy . And for people who dont know who Mr. Collipark is, he is the guy who discovered Soulja Boy Tell Em, Hurricane Chris, and V.I.C. Also he
recently discovered a girl group by the name VISTOSO BOSSES. They remind you of the female Outkast almost, and another D.C. artist that I can’t say just yet. Before you make any judgments about signing with him, I just want to let you know that i have full artistic integrity and say-so about any project I put out under Collipark Music. No “YUUUUUUUUUUUUU” for Noo (laughs). I’m dead serious though.

VOTM: This game is all about persistance. Any upcoming projects to look out for? Add to that, let the people know about any past projects you dropped too.

Noo: Right now, I’m still working on my debut E.P., entitled “N.W.O. (Noo World Order) E.P.”, which I had set for release at the beginning of this month but due to some personal problems i had to set back on the project but it is coming pretty soon so be on the look out. Majority of the project is produced by JUDAH of Studio 43. He is actually the mastermind behind the project, but I also have other producers such as ANSANE, KAMIR ROYALE, MELLOW MADNESS, AND BEST KEPT SECRET, who produced my single “THE SHOW 08 (OH MY GOD)” which you can find on my MySpace page (http://www.myspace.com/itsnoo). Check it out. As far as any past projects, I haven’t done anything major but a few mixtape features and a collab project with my homie Young Pawn. Together, we were called “Too Kool”, but as you may know, everything didn’t work between us two, but we did manage to release a mixtape sampler. But there is more Noo coming soon (no homo). I know how people think nowadays.

VOTM: So when cultivating yourself as an MC, who were your influences? Who did you listen to that helped make your style what it is?

Noo: I have to say everybody. Hip-hop influences me in some way, but if I had to name a few artists that I say I am a mix of or just respect any way, I would say the following: Rakim & Big L (because of their lyrical ability), LL Cool J (becasue the ladies love cool J and I’m a ladies man myself, plus he goes platinum damn near every CD), T.I. (delivery and versatility), Jay-Z (success and swagg), Dougie Fresh (can put on a great performance and is a hip-hop pioneer), Plies (straight forward), Tupac (story telling and picture painting), Biggie (all-around great rapper), and the DMV in all. Every rapper in DC is an influence because they make me work harder to get us where we need to be.

VOTM: So what are your goals as an artist? Keeping it strictly hip-hop, do some other ventures, etc.?

Noo: As an artist, I just want to stay consistent and make good music and do things the way i want. I know I will stick around longer like that. Honestly, I just want to give back and give other up-and-coming artists who are serious about their craft opportunites people like us never had, you know. I mean, even though I’m in a good position with my career, most of my career has been broken promises and bullshit, but I never let that break me and just keep moving, but karma is a bitch. I am the type that I want everybody to make it, you know. It’s all for the city.

VOTM: Word. The DMV’s on the rise right now. We come from an area that hip-hop kind of ignored throughout the years. How do you feel about the climate now, where people like Wale, Tabi, Marky, etc. are getting signed and the DC area is finally getting the chance to be heard?

Noo: It’s great. I’m just motivated by everybody who’s doing their thing, from Wale, Tabi, Marky, TNT, Oy Boyz, Committee Boys, and etc. It really makes me happy to see the city getting the recognition we deserve. Hopefully I’ll be next in line to make a difference, but I’m just taking things one step at a time. The
man upstairs gonna do the rest. He is my biggest influence.

VOTM: Well, now we’re going to head into the DMV section of questions. Favorite carryout?

Noo: Wow, that’s tough…I’ma have to say Golden Ch…naw, um damn…oh yeah…Andy’s Carryout. It’s right off of New York Ave. Best chicken and fish platter and Iced tea/lemonade mix in the city. Believe

VOTM: Favorite go-go band?

Noo: I’ma have to say its a tie between Backyard, UCB, TCB, and Rare Essence…but naw, I don’t have a favorite, but i can’t listen to any ole body. Some of them need to stop though, for real.

VOTM: Favorite clothing store?

Noo: Saks 5th Ave and Neiman Marcus.

VOTM: Favorite artists in the area? Name as many as you want.

Noo: OK, here goes…Marky, Wale, Tabi, TNT, Forgotten City, Uptown Pacco, Airport Tone, Currency Boys, Lyriciss, NandoMcFlyy., Syxx, Rico Anderson, Yung Popp, Young Pawn, International L, Polo, Kidd, Forecast, Terrific, Young Tone, Premier, Southeast Slim, A.P., Vicious, Lil’ Bink, and others I don’t remember right now.

VOTM: Any shoutouts or last words for the people?

Noo: First, I want to thank the man upstairs for waking me up everyday. Voice Of The Metro. My moms and the rest of the family. My father for not pulling out 20 years ago. The whole 5th-N-O. Duck, Bizzy, Brandon, A.R., Cardo, Delow, DJ Deno, Ant, Pawn, Ed, Josh, Stephanie (biggest cockblocker in America), J. Ross, Kevin Parkinson, DJ Prince, FSR, my niggas out Woodbridge, Korrect, Vicious, Eddy, Buck, Jaren, the girls who I fucks with dearly, Courtney, Tymesha, Andrea, Sequita, Kiara, my biggest fan out Philly, Mercedes, Team Dime, Domo, Tisha, Dee, Sheena G, Antoinette, Mo…just to name a few. Everybody who supports me. Hi hater, hi doubters. Shout out to the Shaw U campus security. All of you can eat shit. And I want to thank you for taking the time to read this interview. Get at me on http://www.myspace.com/itsnoo and Facebook search engine, keyword “NOO”.

VOTM: Thanks man. Much appreciated. Stay on your grind.

Noo: And thank you. It’s Noo!!!

http://voiceofthemetro.com/2008/08/13/votm-interviews-noo/feed/ Lyriciss Flowz
VOTM Mixtapes: Cayan - District Of Caylumbia http://voiceofthemetro.com/2008/08/12/votm-mixtapes-cayan-district-of-caylumbia/ http://voiceofthemetro.com/2008/08/12/votm-mixtapes-cayan-district-of-caylumbia/#comments Tue, 12 Aug 2008 12:15:54 +0000 Lyriciss Flowz http://voiceofthemetro.wordpress.com/?p=251 ]]>


1.) Hip Hop Is Mine
2.) Dollars Circulate
3.) Chills x Ms. BIB
4.) Get It Shawty x CCB
5.) Good Guys Get The Girl
6.) Sideshow
7.) Love Interest
8.) Money Talks
9.) Yesterday x A.B. The Producer x Marky
10.) Let The Beat Breathe
11.) Ode To Hip-Hop
12.) Alone
13.) District Of Caylumbia

Download here…


http://voiceofthemetro.com/2008/08/12/votm-mixtapes-cayan-district-of-caylumbia/feed/ Lyriciss Flowz Photobucket
VOTM Mixtapes: GoadomeTalk Presents…The Doors Opening EP http://voiceofthemetro.com/2008/08/08/votm-mixtapes-goadometalk-presentsthe-doors-opening-ep/ http://voiceofthemetro.com/2008/08/08/votm-mixtapes-goadometalk-presentsthe-doors-opening-ep/#comments Fri, 08 Aug 2008 21:21:30 +0000 Lyriciss Flowz http://voiceofthemetro.wordpress.com/?p=247 ]]>

Definitely a dope mixtape full of the DMV’s best. Download NOW!!!

Pt. 1 - http://www.zshare.net/download/167145822eac8ac4
1. We Major Intro
2. Shiela - Marky
3. Is There Any Love [Verse] - Wale
4. Drum Roll - G2
5. Magnum Dollars - Mold of a Man
6. Flashing Lights - Point Blank
7. Meet The Rapper - High Society
8. Text Message [Remix] ft. A.P. - Raheem DeVaughn
9. Bad Girl - Syxx
10. Sickkk - Nando Mcflyy
11. The Bomb - Southeast Slim
12. Wholetime ft. Young Chris - Wale
13. Kick Rocks - Tabi Bonney
14. The Local Rapper

Pt. 2 - http://www.zshare.net/download/1671491029d12d85
1. Release Party
2. Sexy Lady - De-U.ce Double
3. After The Go-Go - TnT
4. Dopalicious - Chris Barz
5. Swag Done - BKS
6. Push Em’ Off - E.M.P.
7. Live From The - K. Beta
8. Allure - A.B. the Producer
9. Henry Ford ft. Marky - D. Omen
10. Incredible [Freestyle] - Lyriciss
11. Yesterday ft. A.B. The Producer & Marky - Cayan
12. American Boy - The Paxtons
13. African Gangster - R.E.U.B
14. What Else - Ra the MC
15. Energy - el Prezidino
16. Rid’N (Remix) ft. Wale - X.O.
17. Why Must It Be - Judah
18. I Am So D.C. - A.P.
19. I Put On [Outro]
20. Bonus Track - Anonymous MC

http://voiceofthemetro.com/2008/08/08/votm-mixtapes-goadometalk-presentsthe-doors-opening-ep/feed/ Lyriciss Flowz
VOTM Artist To Watch: Truth http://voiceofthemetro.com/2008/08/07/votm-artist-to-watch-truth/ http://voiceofthemetro.com/2008/08/07/votm-artist-to-watch-truth/#comments Thu, 07 Aug 2008 12:50:20 +0000 Lyriciss Flowz http://voiceofthemetro.wordpress.com/?p=240 ]]>


With many people claiming Hip-Hop to be dead and not at the state it was once in, Virginia-born and Maryland’s own Truth finds this as the perfect time to celebrate the culture and the new movement he is bringing to it. “The game will never be able to relive the past but I feel that there are a lot of things that need to be restored. There used to be balance in Hip-Hop. People were making good music and were lyrically in tact, but now you either have one or the other,” says Truth. To level the see-saw like structure of the game, Truth brings to the table a combination of conceptual rhymes, good music, and a touch of charismatic word play. A product of the 80’s, Truth was greatly influenced by Jay-Z, Biggie, Common, Kanye West and whole list of artist that will fill up this page. These pioneers of Hip-Hop inspired Truth to be more than just a Hip-Hop critic. After taking a “hiatus” from his football career at NC A&T, and then pursuing Arena Football in California, Truth quickly reinstated his vows to Hip-Hop, this time not only as an active listener, but as an artist ready to compete in the game. Watching his peers Wale and Tabi Bonney rise in the game helped Truth in structuring his new game plan. A sudden emergence of rappers has been popping up all over the DC Metro Area within the last 3-4 years. Of the emerging artist, there is a significant amount of “Gangsta Rappers” and a few “Neo Soul Type” artist. You’re usually stuck in one catergory or the other if you rap. None except the ones with money to waste, or the ones with some kind of Industry influence have managed to gain any signicificant recognition beyond the beltway. Even when you have heard of a quote unquote DC Rapper, they weren’t repping the city, they were just making music giving a few shout outs here and there and glorifying the street and drug life. Truth, 23 years of age, straight out of the DC Metro Area is opposite of all the above. He’s a “Artist” not a rapper. ” Rappers live off raps and other rappers raps, artist live of creativty and conception”. Truth once said “When I hear a beat the concepts start flowing and I aim to create a musical masterpiece”. “I never wanted to be a rapper, never” said Truth but the ability just couldn’t be denied. Truth started flowing in highschool as a part-time hobby and then started fine tuning his skills in college at NC A&T. Meanwhile, Truth recorded a few tracks and still not serious about rapping, somehow gained the attention of Hip-Hop Mogul Sean “Diddy” Combs, which got him a chance to impress some of Sean Comb’s A&R’s over the phone. A&R’s impressed with what they heard, they decided to let Diddy hear Truth rap. Sine then Truth has been sharping his rhyme skills through slaughtering dudes in freestyle battles. “When I first heard him in a battle, I said “Damn, he from up the way…? ” said Chris Parler b.k.a “Gucci”, Truth’s manager. Most notable was when he was in front of a clothing store with a crowd around, and some dude who was suppose to be nice came through off the drinks, and got eaten alive in the daytime. His live performance whether it be freestlye or on stage is crazy because you feel his enregy through words and motions. This movement is going to be fun. “Move out the way or get moved out the way”.

http://voiceofthemetro.com/2008/08/07/votm-artist-to-watch-truth/feed/ Lyriciss Flowz
VOTM News: Coming Soon… http://voiceofthemetro.com/2008/08/07/votm-news-coming-soon/ http://voiceofthemetro.com/2008/08/07/votm-news-coming-soon/#comments Thu, 07 Aug 2008 12:11:56 +0000 Lyriciss Flowz http://voiceofthemetro.wordpress.com/?p=238 ]]>

The homie Major got some heat dropping tomorrow, DMV! GoadomeTalk has put together an mixtape/EP with some of the hottest MCs in the DMV, including Wale, Marky, Tabi Bonney, Syxx, Lyriciss, High Society, RaTheMC, NandoMcFlyy., and more! Make sure that when you download it tomorrow, 08/08/08. You can download it here on VOTM, at GoadomeTalk, or any of these other sites also…

- HipHopUpdate


]]> http://voiceofthemetro.com/2008/08/07/votm-news-coming-soon/feed/ Lyriciss Flowz VOTM Audio: Lyriciss - “The Willie Lynch Chip (Self-Hatred)” http://voiceofthemetro.com/2008/08/07/votm-audio-lyriciss-the-willie-lynch-chip-self-hatred/ http://voiceofthemetro.com/2008/08/07/votm-audio-lyriciss-the-willie-lynch-chip-self-hatred/#comments Thu, 07 Aug 2008 11:43:26 +0000 Lyriciss Flowz http://voiceofthemetro.wordpress.com/?p=235 ]]>


This track…it’s a track I made after my last trip to NYC. While staying with family, I watched a DVD with a preacher speaking on “deactivating our Willie Lynch Chips”. Basically saying that as young black Americans, we need to get rid of the instinct in us that makes us seperate and down each other, which was instilled in us back in the slavery days in the Willie Lynch tactics, and sadly, it still remains in us today. So the first verse = a slave speaking on his loyalty to the master; second verse = the light-skin/dark-skin rift between the blacks of today; the third verse = the black woman’s independence and denial of need for the black man. Enjoy the track. Beat from Statik Selektah on “Black Cream”, off of Reks’s Grey Hairs album. Peace & Hip-Hop.

Download here…


http://voiceofthemetro.com/2008/08/07/votm-audio-lyriciss-the-willie-lynch-chip-self-hatred/feed/ Lyriciss Flowz Lyriciss
VOTM Mixtapes: i™ - Rare & Unreleased http://voiceofthemetro.com/2008/08/07/votm-mixtapes-i%e2%84%a2-rare-unreleased/ http://voiceofthemetro.com/2008/08/07/votm-mixtapes-i%e2%84%a2-rare-unreleased/#comments Thu, 07 Aug 2008 11:37:03 +0000 Lyriciss Flowz http://voiceofthemetro.wordpress.com/?p=233 ]]>

Download here…


http://voiceofthemetro.com/2008/08/07/votm-mixtapes-i%e2%84%a2-rare-unreleased/feed/ Lyriciss Flowz